The Anteak Collection

Established in Indonesia since 1998. 
A pioneer in the production of furniture made from
re-claimed (re-cycled) timber . 
Since 2007 we have received official recognition
in the form of FSC certification . 
In the passing years we have gained a wealth of experience . 
We now consider ourselves leaders in our field,
specialized in the production of environmentally friendly
solid wooden furniture.

By using material obtained from the demolition of
derelict houses and other such constructions
possibly more or less 100 years old .
Each piece of furniture will keep its own unique character.
Our local traditional craftsmen will utilize these characteristics
by leaving original stains, cracks, nail and bolt holes etc.
Natural cracks may appear due to the old beams being
subjected to different stresses which will give the product
an even more unique character.

We were very excited
to present our newborn awesome EXOTIC collection by BobbyDazzler,
made from exotic demolition hardwoods recycled from shipwrecks & old houses.

We are fully aware that everybody is craving something new.
It is absolutely thrilling to realize that so many people are intrigued
with our new solid treasure!
Therefore we have decided to develop our fun New Brand
"EXOTIC by BobbyDazzler"

The natural rustic Grigio & Vintage finishes are both amazing,
It is of course personal choice which one prefers.
SOLID hardwood furniture & each individual piece with its own charm.

Please contact us if you desire to know more about our jolly fair prices
where you can feel & buy our EXOTIC collection!

Join us to scatter the seven seas with our unique treasure!

 Certificate Code: TT-COC-002471
FSC License Code: FSC-C014179
Yours sincerely,
The Anteak Collection
 Music by Poetree music

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